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What are logic problems?
In logic problems you are given clues to determine the connection between groups of items such as people, places, objects, and dates. For each puzzle you are given a scenario of the problem to be solved. All of the information needed to solve the problem is in the clues and description so there is no need to refer to any external reference material.

How is the LogiGrid interface used to solve the problems?
Use the clues to determine if there is a connection between the items listed across and down. Dots and "X"s are used to keep track of the solution.  A dot is used for a true answer (indicating that the items are connected), an "X" indicates a false answer (ruling out the connection between the two items).  To enter a "dot " tap the cell twice, for an "X" tap only once.  To clear the cell tap it a third time.
What if I make a mistake?
Why is there a timer?
If you make a mistake or didn't intend to put a mark in a cell you can always use the Undo button, or tap the cell again until it clears.
What's the Autofill button for?
When you put a dot into a cell indicating that the connection between the two items is true, then all of the cells within the same row and column would naturally be false. The autofill button saves you time by putting "X"s into the row and column associated with the dot.
Some people like to time how long it takes them to do a puzzle.  Others like to challenge friends and family members to a competition.  The timer is there in case you'd like to use it.  It doesn't effect how the puzzle works and is entirely optional.
Where do I check the solution?
You can check your progress at any time by tapping the Show Progress button.  It will tell you if you have any errors or if you have successfully completed the puzzle. There is also a solution button in the bottom right hand corner of the Show Progress box that will display the solution on screen. 
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